Welcome to Kindergarten at OLGC!!!

I am thrilled to be teaching your child this year.  My goal for this school year is to create a safe, warm and engaging environment where your child can reach his/her fullest potential while becoming enthusiastic about learning.  I want your child to be excited to come to school.  I believe that the key to achieving this is to create an environment that allows students to learn through hands-on, multi-sensory activities. 

In the classroom, I try to create excitement around reading and books. The noisy reading at the beginning of the day is intended to get students excited and interested in literature. 

I will begin teaching phonics starting the first week of October.  I would appreciate if you would review the letter sound and letter formation with your child at home each night.


Please send your child to school in full uniform, with shirts tucked in and proper black shoes. (Girls are asked to wear shorts under their tunics). All items are to be labeled including sweaters, jackets, runners and shoes. Please practice putting on and off your child’s sweater, so that even if it on reverse he/she can do it independently. Please do not send lace up shoes to school, but rather slip ons or Velcro.

Absentee Notes

If your child is absent from school, a note must be sent to school explaining his/her absence. Please send the note to school when your child returns to school.


Planners will be used as a means of communication between home and school. At the beginning of every week I will send out a weekly message with reminders of any important dates in the week. I will also keep a blog on the OLGC website to keep you updated. Planners will be checked daily, and if you have any messages for me you can write it in the planner. Kindly check the front pocket of your child’s planner daily for any notices that may have been sent home. It is important that all families are subscribed to the OLGC newsletter. The newsletter goes out every Wednesday. Forms such as absentee notes and permission slips are to be sent back to school in the front of the planner. Hot lunch forms and Scholastic book orders (cheque only) and any money sent to school are to be placed at the front of the planner in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on the envelope.

At-Home Reading Program

In January, we will begin an at home online reading program.  More information will be sent out when this is started.

Show and Tell

Beginning on Monday, September 21th, we will start show and tell. Every child will be assigned a day of the week and on this day the child can bring an item from home or share a talent with the class.

God Made Me Special

Also starting Monday, September 28th, we will begin “God made me special” where we celebrate each child for a week and learn about him/her.  The “special” student will complete a poster with family pictures to be sent back and displayed.  I will send home a note in the planner the week before your child has his/her turn.


Every Friday we will be going to Mass. Please send your child in full uniform with his/her sweater.  Please practice reverent behavior when attending Sunday Mass.


Please ensure that your children are ready for class to begin at 8:45am. Late arrivals disrupt the flow of the morning. As well as, they must be picked up at 2:50 outside of the Kindergarten building.

Parent Helpers

Parent volunteers are welcomed in Kindergarten. We have volunteers on Monday and Wednesday.  Mondays will be from 10:30-2:45 and Wednesdays will be from 10:30-12:15. If you are interested in volunteering please let me know your availability. All volunteers are required to have a criminal record check done prior to being in the classroom. Parent hours are given for the time spent helping in the classroom.

Field Trips

During the school year our class will go on various fieldtrips. I will need parent volunteers for these trips. If you would like to come on the field trip then you can indicate that on the fieldtrip notice. Parents who are chosen to come will be contacted. On days that there are fieldtrips, do not send planners or backpacks to school.


Please send healthy and nutritious snacks and lunches to school. Please send snacks/fruit that your child can open independently. For example, if you are sending an orange, please send it peeled to school. Please label all juice boxes with your child’s name on it as they rarely finish it during snack and lunch time. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PRODUCTS CONTAINING ANY NUTS TO SCHOOL. THIS INCLUDES NUTELLA, GRANOLA BARS CONTAINING ALMONDS, OR PEANUTS.  The items will be returned home.

Community Service

We will be implementing a new program in the Kindergarten class. Once a month, our class along with the Grade two class, will be visiting the senior home at Cherington Place on 111A ave in Surrey. We will require parent volunteer drivers as well as your child’s booster seat on these days. We will keep you posted on the dates. The visit will be for approximately 30 minutes. The students will play games, and make crafts with their senior buddy. Hours will be given for parents who drive and help at the home.



  1. In class

I would love to celebrate your child’s birthday in the classroom! If you decide to bring treats for the class please contact me first.  We will celebrate birthdays at the end of the day at 2:30, unless you plan to provide lunch for the class. In either case please contact me first.

b) Out of class

For parents who wish to celebrate their child’s birthday outside of school, I ask you that NO invitations get passed out in the classroom UNLESS ALL CHILDREN ARE INVITED.  One of our continuing themes in the class is friendship, and I would hate to have a handful of students with hurt feelings.


Treat Bags

Some of you may choose to send treat bags to school on special days such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Please do not write each child’s name on these bags as distributing them takes too much time. You can simply write “from, your child’s name”. There are 30 students in the classroom.

Finally, I believe that teachers and parents should be partners in education because we ultimately share the same goal, which is to create happy, well-adjusted life long learners.  For this reason I want you to know that I am available if you have any questions or concerns.  You can contact me at the school 604-581-3154 or through my email sarapecile@hotmail.com.  I look forward to a successful year!


Ms. S. Campanile



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