Grade 5 Homepage

Dear Grade 5 Parents,
Happy New Year to you and your family. I would also like to thank you so much for all your generous gifts for Christmas. I really appreciate your kindness and for thinking of me.
This is my first entry in the homepage, so this is very new to me. I will try to keep you up to date on major events and happenings.
During term two, we will be forcussing on a new Science unit on the Human Body. As you can guess, the students are very excited to learn about the functions of the organs of the body and love to share information and ask many questions on how systems of the body work.
We will also be learning about the Sacraments during Religion class.
In Socials we will learn about issues and events in the world through our Current Events booklets, as well as how Canadian Government works.
In Math we are finishing the unit on  Adding and Subtracting Decimals and soon they will be tested on it. Please start reviewing for the test soon. After that, Data Relationships will be taught.
In Language Arts, we are reading the novel, From Anna, and the students are doing various activities to reinforce vocabulary development, sequencing of events, comprehension questions and critical thinging skills. They will also be making connections to the story with their own life experiences and making a chapter by chapter cartoon and diary. We will also  be continuing our journal writing, spelling and grammar programs this term.
I have also started a Grade 5 Blog  where you and your child can look and see what homework was given that day and special events happening that week.
Just a reminder to continue to look at their planner daily and sign it. Also, please make sure they read frequently and do math basic fact drills (addition, subtraction, multiplication timestable).
God Bless,
Mrs. Josie Spagnuolo
Grade 5 Teacher