Grade 4 Homepage

Dear Parents and Grade 4 Children,
I pray that everyone had a restful and peaceful Christmas holiday filled with and lots of love and attention from family friends.   As the New Year is upon us, I would like to take the time to thank you for the gifts of the past year.  To all parents and children who drew pictures, bought gifts, and had kind words to share, thank you.  I have appreciated all of your generosity and thoughtfulness during the Christmas season.   

This next term will be intense and we will continue to work on multiplication, subtraction, addition, division and problem solving in Math.  In Language Arts, we will complete our assignments associated with Stone Fox and a Spirit Quest book report.  We will continue to work on comprehension questions through reading and starting a new book Sign of the Beaver.  Other Language Arts related assignments will include: grammar, spelling, and handwriting.  In Socials, we will begin to examine the Inuit.   In science, we will complete our inquiry of Habitats and start our investigation of Weather. Mid February, we will be completing  the Government assessment called the F.S.A., as this is a difficult test we will take time weekly to prepare.

Homework will be assigned on a weekday basis.   On the weekends the only homework will be spelling corrections unless there was late or incomplete work.  Parents please continue to sign your child’s planner and each homework assignment daily.  If you have concerns regarding your child, the class, or homework please write in the planner, phone and make an appointment to see me, or send a note.   If you are unsure of the homework assignments I will try to keep the website updated so please check here as well.  
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. K. Robson
Skating dates are January 11, 18,  and 25.  The children will participate in games and activitities on the ice to help improve their  skating skills.  Non-skaters will be placed in a group and will learn to skate through games and activities as well.
Assistance walking to and from the arena, lacing skates and on the ice is needed so feel free to come along and help out.  Hours will be given.