OLGC e-Newsletter- June 22nd, 2022

June 22nd, 2022

Dear Parents,

The end of the school year is upon us and we have begun planning for our next year as we strive to live out our 2022-23 theme: Seeking, Truth, Healing, and Reconciliation.  To that end staff will be undergoing intensive Professional Development training September 6th to September 9th by following the study guide Listening to Indigenous Voices A Dialogue Guide on Justice and Right Relationship.

As mentioned in previous newsletters and communications the school is to undergo seismic renovations over the summer break.  This will be extended into the fall and likely the spring next year as supply issues are beginning to affect the global project.  OLGC School will close this Friday, June 24th at 10:30 a.m. and not restart until September 12th in order to facilitate this.  Please pray for the success and tight time lines are met for this large undertaking.

To begin the year in September, Mr. James Rodas will start the year in Grade Seven until Mr. Philip Silva arrives in mid- October and Miss Jessie Papaianni will start the year in Grade Three.  Pray that our staff stays safe over the break and returns to us healthy for the 2022-23 school year.  Of special note our Grade Seven’s will start the school year at Camp Elphistone for their Grade Seven Outdoor Education experience and are to meet at the Don Bosco Youth Center at 7:30 a.m. September 7th. We look forward to seeing all other students September 12th at 8:45 a.m. For those students leaving OLGC School, including our Grade Sevens, the staff and I wish you the best in your future schools.

Our long time PEC Chairperson Elaine Rosario will be leaving us at the end of this year and we will say thank you and good bye to her at our June 24th 9:00 a.m. Mass.  The school is grateful for her service and her commitment to improving our technology infrastructure and purchase of devises to aid in educating our students, as well as her support during the COVID 19 pandemic.  She leaves the following PEC members work in conjunction with Mr. Wright and Father John next year:

Chairperson               Jason Dimaculangan

Vice Chairperson       Becky MacLean

Treasurer                    Mary Ann Fasciani

Secretary                    Gracey Swamy & Anale Trono

Work Program            Renfred Mina

Maintenance               John Atanacio

Fundraising                 Kathlene Baliong

Confirmation and Farewell

Congratulations to our Grade Sevens who were confirmed on Monday night by Archbishop Miller.  Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide them as they continue to grow in their faith.

It was wonderful spending the full day today recognizing the individual and class gifts of the OLGC Class of 2022!  Thank you to all those individuals that made today special.

Celebrating our Gifts

Tomorrow we will recognize the gifts of our students at our Virtues Awards Celebration starting at 9:00 a.m. in the Don Bosco Youth Center. Following this event we will hold our Track & Field Awards Assembly.

Communicating Student Learning (Report Cards)

OLGC Third Term Reports will be sent home this Friday, June 24th.  If you are not able to pick up your child’s report, due to vacation or other reasons on June 24th, you will need to wait until September as the school will be closed for Seismic renovations. Thank you for understanding the time and effort put into completing student reports.  

OLGC Staffing 2022-2023

Thank you to our OLGC staff for all you did for OLGC School this year and goodbye to those leaving us; Ms. Michela Monk, Miss Veronica Henriquez, Miss Monica Czecholinski. Our OLGC Staff for this coming year is as follows:


Pastor                                                                          Father John Cosgrove S.D.B.

Principal                                                                      Mr. Gerard Wright

Bookkeeper                                                                  Mrs. Nelia Yelle

Secretary                                                                      Mrs. Maribel Cowan

Secretary                                                                      Mrs. Sheri-Ann Kirchner



Kindergarten                                                               Mrs. Tracy Palitti

Grade One                                                                   Mrs. Sonja Bourpoulas

Grade Two                                                                   Miss Cielo Ramirez

Grade Three                                                                Miss Jessie Papaianni/Mr. James Rodas

Grade Four                                                                  Mrs. Kathy Robson

Grade Five                                                                   Mrs. Josie Spagnuolo

Grade Six                                                                    Miss Kathryn Manuel

Grade Seven                                                               Mr. James Rodas/Mr. Philip Silva


Librarian                                                                     Mrs. Margrit Garzitto

Music                                                                          Mr. Timo Pehkonen/Mrs.Vernice Garcia

P.E.                                                                              Mr. Frank Egitto

Learning Resources                                                  Mrs. Vernice Garcia

Learning Resources                                                  Mrs. Ciara Taddei

Learning Resources                                                  Mrs. Praveena Geider



Educational Assistant                                                   Mr. Kevin Apdal

Educational Assistant                                                   Miss Jo Anne Aguinaldo

Educational Assistant                                                   Miss Joma Aguinaldo

Educational Assistant                                                   Mrs. Ruth Bagayawa

Educational Assistant                                                   Miss Sofia Bagayawa

Educational Assistant                                                   Miss Katrina Correa

Educational Assistant                                                   Miss Eleonor Dator

Educational Assistant                                                   Mrs. Lynette D’Souza

Educational Assistant                                                   Mrs. Meghan Fletcher

Educational Assistant                                                   Miss Norene Francisco

Educational Assistant                                                   Sister Mary Teresa Keegan

Educational Assistant                                                   Mrs. Marlyn Mirabel

Educational Assistant                                                   Ms. Cecilia Murphy

Educational Assistant                                                   Miss Cassandra Olazo  

Educational Assistant                                                   Miss Amanda Pereira

Educational Assistant                                                   Mrs. Jasmin Reberio

Educational Assistant                                                   Mrs. Adel Reyes

Educational Assistant                                                   Mrs. Myra Ruiz

Educational Assistant                                                   Mrs. Marie Wilkinson


Pre-School/OSC                                                           Mrs. Lenny Martins

Pre-School/OSC                                                           Mrs. Adel Reyes

Pre-School/OSC                                                           Ms. Mary Beth Vaness

Pre-School/OSC                                                           Miss Eleanor Dator

Pre-School/OSC                                                           Miss Cassandra Olazo

Pre-School/OSC                                                           Miss Joma Aguinaldo   

MAINTENANCE:                                                           Mr. Brian Guze


OLGC Preschool

Our OLGC Preschool continues to take new registrations for our 3 and 4 year olds. If you have questions about the Preschool please contact Mrs. Martins at 604-581-3225.

OLGC Out of School Care

We have 29 students registered for next year’s before and after school care program. If you need the care call Mrs. Martins at 604-581-3225. 

Work Party:

Our next work party dates are July 9th and August 27th with outside work being the focus.  Please contact the schools office or Mr. Guze at 604-581-3154. Thank you.

Work Hours Opportunities

Mr. Brian Guze will oversee projects over the summer. Brian usually works Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you are interested in assisting Brian please contact the school’s office at 604-581-3154 for Brian to schedule.

Uniform Ordering- Online- Free Shipping until June 30th    

Place orders at www.topmarks.ca. See further package details on our olgcschool.ca website or click here.

Edu Pac Orders (School Supplies)

2022-23 Grade 2 to 7 are available for on line order and can be shipped to your house or picked up at their store.

A school supplies list can be found at the end of our school’s website page. Click here.

OLGC 2022 Hot Lunch

We look forward to continuing the program next year.  We plan to hold our September lunch September 20th.

Class Pictures-$5.00

Class pictures are available at a cost of $5.00 at the school’s office.  In return for this purchase you will receive a school yearbook on the last day of school.


  • Encourage your friends to sign up for or OLGC Pre-School & Out of School Care
  • Future Grade 4 Girls need to order the school kilt
  • Future Grade 1 students need to order gym strip.
  • Return all textbooks to classroom teacher
  • Return all Library books to Mrs. Garzitto
  • Check the Lost & Found for your lost items.

OLGC Knights in Action

The school would like to recognize the efforts of those who do random acts of kindness throughout the year. Congratulations to our Knights in Action for displaying random acts of kindness.  This week’s Knight in Action winners are or Grade 7 Parents decoration committee. Thanks to all our students for participating.

Lost & Found

There are many items in our Lost and Found.  Please claim your child’s lost items.

Lap-A-Thon 2021- October 7th, 2022

Please read a letter from our PEC Chairperson Mr. Jason Dimaculangan – OLGC Lap-A-Thon 2022 Letter. This is our one and only major fundraiser, we thank you in advance for your continued support.

Please see pledge forms in your child’s report cards.


Congratulations to the following students for the excellent work displayed on the

June Personal Best Board”.  Keep up the Good Work!

K    Mario Mangal                   Mark Nissan   

1.  Zoe Bandong                     Shelinda Liyanage                 Elise Tariga                

Important Dates:

  • June 23rd               -School Virtues Awards – 9:00 am DBYC
  • June 24th               -Last Day of School – 10:30 a.m. Dismissal
  • June 24- Sept 11   –Seismic Project
  • September 6-9       -Pro-D –No School
  • September 7-9       -Grade 7 YMCA Camp Elphinstone
  • September 12th     -School Re-opens- Full Day