OLGC e-Newsletter- June 17th, 2020

Dear parents,

We had a great year at OLGC School!  We had a very successful evaluation and grew as a community in spiritual, athletic, academic, artistic and technology realms.  We adapted to on-line learning and continued to offer a spiritual perspective to all we do through a variety of on-line prayer opportunities and school wide celebrations. We offered instruction through a variety of electronic platforms including Zoom, Google Classroom, Seesaw and Class Dojo.  Our staff was excellent at responding to student and parent needs throughout the 3 months by answering e-mails, telephone calls and messages as well as ensuring care for our special needs and struggling students via our EA’s and call center programs. Our students took on the challenge of learning from a distance with flexibility and resilience. We thank our parents for their role as at home teachers in helping our OLGC staff to facilitate learning.  We have protocols in place for September and hope to continue to thrive as a Catholic School community. 

As we break for summer, we wish the best to all our families.  Special thanks to all those families who have shown their generosity and gratitude by supplying us with an abundance of summer well-wishes. May you have a wonderful summer spent with family and friends, socially distanced from each other.  We look forward to seeing each one of our students in September to live out our 2020/2021 theme: Walk with Jesus our Living Hope. For those students leaving OLGC School, including our Grade Sevens, the staff and I wish you the best in your future schools. For the rest of you, see you September 8th at 8:45 a.m. God willing.   Happy summer to all!

Good bye to Mrs. Calandra who will be leaving us to focus on her family and her other school. We are thankful for the time she spent at OLGC.  As Mrs. Calandra is a parent in our school community it really is not goodbye but see ya later.

Goodbye 2019-2020 Drop off & Pick Up

It was great to see everyone today. If you were unable to make it today our OLGC school office will be open until July 3rd for drop off of materials and report card pick up.  Please call ahead to ensure someone is at the front office to assist you.

Grade Seven Farewell  

Thank you to Mrs. Quickert, OLGC Staff and our volunteer Grade Seven parents for making our Grade Seven Awards/Farewell last Friday a reality. Each Grade Seven student was honoured for the gifts and talents they shared with us while they attended OLGC.  Good luck in high school Grade Sevens!

Grade Two First Communion 

Congratulations to our Grade Two class who celebrated their First Communion on Monday. Thank you to Father John, Mrs. Taddei and Mrs. Calandra for making this happen. May you have many more communions ahead of you.

OLGC Staffing 2020-2021

Thank you to our OLGC staff for all you did for OLGC School this year.  You responded to the change in curriculum delivery and instruction wonderfully. Our OLGC Staff for this coming year is as follows:


Pastor                                                                         Father John Cosgrove S.D.B.

Principal                                                                     Mr. Gerard Wright

Bookkeeper                                                                 Mrs. Nelia Yelle

Secretary                                                                    Mrs. Maribel Cowan

Secretary                                                                    Mrs. Margaret Jones



Kindergarten                                                              Mrs. Tracy Palitti

Grade One                                                                  Mrs. Sonja Bourpoulas

Grade Two                                                                 Mrs. Ciara Taddei

                                                                                   Ms.  Jenny Guiotto

Grade Three                                                               Mr. James Rodas

Grade Four                                                                 Mrs. Kathy Robson

Grade Five                                                                  Mrs. Josie Spagnuolo

Grade Six                                                                    Miss Kathryn Manuel

Grade Seven                                                               Mrs. Jacinta Quickert


Librarian                                                                    Mrs. Margrit Garzitto

Music                                                                           Mrs. Evon Olsen

P.E.                                                                               Mr. Frank Egitto

Learning Resources                                                   Mrs. Vernice Garcia

Learning Resources                                                   Mrs. Praveena Geider

Learning Resources                                                   Ms. Jenny Guiotto



Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Jo Anne Aguinaldo

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Joma Aguinaldo

Educational Assistant                                                 Mrs. Ruth Bagayawa

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Eleonor Dator

Educational Assistant                                                 Mrs. Lynette D’Souza

Educational Assistant                                                 Mrs. Meghan Fletcher

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Micaela Monk

Educational Assistant                                                 Ms. Cecilia Murphy

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Cassandra Olazo          

Educational Assistant                                                 Mrs. Myra Ruiz

Educational Assistant                                                 Mr. Philip Silva

Educational Assistant                                                 Mrs. Marie Wilkinson

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Gemma Bordignon

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Anna Guze

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Veronica Henriques

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Isabella Palitti

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Amanda Pereira

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Christiana Silva

Educational Assistant                                                 Sr. Mary Keegan

Maintenance                                                                 Mr. Brian Guze

Uniform Ordering-On-Line

For the 2020/21 school year, OLGC School will move our uniform purchase to a completely online model with our uniform provider - Top Marks.  Families will now be able to order uniforms online through the school year and receive their orders directly at home.  Any exchanges and returns will be handled with Top Marks directly.  Families will be eligible for free shipping for all orders placed before June 30th. Please click here for the on-line order form  


Please use this link for Edu-Pac on-line orders for next year’s school supplies. A PDF of a supply list  of each grade is on the website as well but you are encouraged to order from Edu-Pac as they carry the teachers preferred items.

Summer Travel

As we prepare for September, it is important to limit school exposure to the virus, by avoiding travel if possible, and ensuring if travel restrictions are lifted that out of country vacations are booked with a minimum of two weeks before the next school session in September, meaning be back in B.C. by August 24th.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is postponed until further notice. We will get direction from Father John when Confirmation will occur in the fall. Please continue to pray for our Grade 7s.

OLGC Pre-School News

If you want to register your child aged 3-4 for our OLGC Pre-School next year please contact Lenny Martins at 604-581-3225 or email her at olgcpreschool.ca.  Surrey licensing has indicated we can hold classes of 10 next September and we are working on the way forward as to what that may look like.

OLGC Yearbook

Our OLGC Yearbook will be delayed this year.  We will hand out yearbooks in September.

OLGC Knights in Action

Congratulations to our Knights in Action for displaying random acts of kindness.  This week’s winners are all our students who have been on board with all the changes that have happened since Spring Break and who continue to do their ordinary deeds extraordinarily well.

Work Party- July 4th & August 22nd  

Brian will hold summer work parties July 4th and August 22nd.  Brian will also enjoy assistance  throughout the summer if you are able.  Please call him at 778-863-1874 if you would like to help out.  Hours done will be credited to the 2020-21 school year.


The DBYC Camp is sold out. If you have any questions please ask Mr. Egitto (mr.egitto@olgc-school.ca) or Mr. Vilio (mvilio@yahoo.com).

Summer Reading Club

The Summer Reading Club has gone online this year because many Libraries haven't opened, yet. Surrey's Libraries are still closed. 

So you can do all the reading and do the activities online until you can go in person. The Public Libraries have ebooks, just as EPIC and Tumble Books (free online).

Tumble Books Here's the link to the Summer Reading Club. https://bcsrc.ca/

Bosco Days Camp

There will be no Bosco Days camp this summer.


  • Future Grade 4 Girls need to order the school kilt
  • Future Grade 1 students need to order gym strip.
  • Return all textbooks to classroom teacher
  • Return all Library books to Mrs. Garzitto

Important Dates:

  • September 8th    -First Day of School  (1/2 Day)
  • September 16th    -Meet the Teacher Night & BBQ