OLGC e-Newsletter- June 29th, 2021

June 29th, 2021

Dear Parents,

Yesterday we celebrated each child’s gifts by acknowledging them for a specific virtue they displayed throughout the year at OLGC.  Thank you to our students for sharing their many

gifts with others.

Today as we break for summer, we wish the best to all our families.  Special thanks to all those families who have shown their generosity and gratitude by supplying us with an abundance of treats, gifts and summer well-wishes.  May you have a wonderful summer spent with family and friends.  We look forward to seeing each one of our students in September to live out our 2021/2021 theme: “One Family, One Hope in Christ” For those students leaving OLGC School, including our Grade Sevens, the staff and I wish you the best in your future schools. For the rest of you, see you September 7th at 8:45 a.m.

Next year our school will undergo a Monitoring Inspection by the Ministry of Education in

mid-October. We look forward to showcasing all that we do at OLGC School and look forward to a continued positive result. 

Communicating Student Learning (Report Cards)

If you did not pick up your child’s report due to vacation or other reasons you can pick it up from the school’s office before July 8th.

OLGC Staffing 2021-2022

Thank you to our OLGC staff for all you did for OLGC School this year and goodbye to those leaving us. Oour OLGC Staff for this coming year is as follows:


Pastor                                                                         Father John Cosgrove S.D.B.

Principal                                                                     Mr. Gerard Wright

Bookkeeper                                                                Mrs. Nelia Yelle

Secretary                                                                    Mrs. Maribel Cowan

Secretary                                                                    Mrs. Sherri-Ann Kirchner



Kindergarten                                                             Mrs. Tracy Palitti

Grade One                                                                 Mrs. Sonja Bourpoulas

Grade Two                                                                 Miss Cielo Ramirez

Grade Three                                                               Mr. James Rodas

Grade Four                                                                 Mrs. Kathy Robson

Grade Five                                                                  Mrs. Josie Spagnuolo

Grade Six                                                                    Miss Kathryn Manuel

Grade Seven                                                               Mrs. Jacinta Quickert



Librarian                                                                    Mrs. Margrit Garzitto

Music                                                                          Mr.  Timo Pehkonen

P.E.                                                                              Mr.  Frank Egitto

Learning Resources                                                  Mrs. Vernice Garcia

Learning Resources                                                  Mrs. Praveena Geider



Educational Assistant                                                 Ms. Cecilia Murphy

Educational Assistant                                                 Mrs. Lynette D’Souza

Educational Assistant                                                Miss Joma Aguinaldo

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Jo Anne Aguinaldo

Educational Assistant                                                 Mrs. Marie Wilkinson

Educational Assistant                                                 Mrs. Ruth Bagayawa

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Eleonor Dator

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Micaela Monk

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Amanda Pereira

Educational Assistant                                                 Mrs. Myra Ruiz

Educational Assistant                                                 Miss Cassandra Olazo

Educational Assistant                                                 Part-time E.A.’s

Maintenance                                                                 Mr. Brian Guze

Maintenance Help

Brian our Maintenance Man could use a helping hand during the summer. He works Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  If you need hours call Brian at 778-863-1874.

The PEC has granted Brian permission to run 2 work parties over the summer.  The dates are July 10th and August 28th. Please contact Brian at 778-863-1874 if you would like to attend.

OLGC Pre-School News

If you want to register your child aged 3-4 for our OLGC Pre-School, there are a few spots available.  Please contact Lenny Martins at 604-581-3225.

OLGC Out of School Care News

If you require out of school care please contact Lenny Martins at 604-581-3225.

There will be no summer care this summer due to lack of interest. Please contact Lenny Martins at  604-581-3225 if you have any questions.

OLGC Knights in Action

Congratulations to our Knights in Action for displaying random acts of kindness.  This week’s winners are All parents, staff and students of OLGC School. Thanks to all for participating.

Uniform Ordering- Online- Free Shipping until June 30th    

Place orders at www.topmarks.ca (school password OLGO1). See further package details on our olgcschool.ca website – OLGC School uniform link .

EduPac School Supplies 

 Please order EduPac School supplies online using the school code (3686). A PDF of the list are on the front page of our olgcschool.ca website as well as clicking and scrolling down to your child’s grade list here: http://www.olgcschool.ca/sites/default/files/Educpac%202021.pdf

Lap-A-Thon 2021- October 8th, 2021

Please read a letter from our PEC Chairperson Mrs. Elaine Rosario – OLGC Lap-A-Thon 2021.

This is our one and only major fundraiser, we thank you in advance for your continued support.

Please see pledge forms in your child’s report cards.

Important Dates:

  • Sept 7th                  -First Day of School
  • Sept 15th            -Meet the Teacher Night & BBQ