OLGC e-Newsletter- April 1st, 2020

April 1st, 2020

Dear parents,

For today's pick up of student materials…

Today's student materials pick-up will be a  drive thru style where you must stay in your car until OLGC Staff members drops materials off at the trunk area of your vehicle where you will load yourself.

All vehicles will enter from the 140th street entrance and make your way to the front of the school loading zone.  Cones will be set up to indicate the loading zone area.  Please wait patiently to enter the loading zone as this will be done 1 vehicle at a time.  You will be directed when to move forward in the line-up and into the loading zone. An OLGC Staff member will approach your vehicle’s window from 2 meters away and confirm your family name, student’s name and grade. OLGC Staff will retrieve items from the auditorium and bring them to you.  After a cordial thank you and sign of peace you will exit via the 139th street exit only.

Please follow these directions to make this process go quickly and safely.

Please adhere to this time schedule already sent out:

Last names beginning with:

A-C      12:30-1:00

 D-J       1:00-1:30

K-M      1:30-2:00

N-S       2:00-2:30

T-Y        2:30 - 3:00